The Village

Ghalel village is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas offering spectacular views and fresh mountain air. This is the perfect environment to relax and to energise your spiritual side as you get at one with nature. The positive energy spread in the village creates an air of calm, perfect for discovery. Take a trek through the jungle, visit the Buddhist temples, try your hand at farming or sign up as a volunteer at the local school !

Tantalise your senses as you experience the local food; dance to the traditional Ghaleli music and spend time with the villagers, immersing yourself in a unique and diverse culture.

So what can you expect to eat in Ghalel?

An essential part of experiencing a new country includes trying the local food.

The standard menu (included in the homestay price):

  • Breakfast : Boiled eggs with chapati (flatbread)
  • Lunch : Noodle soup with vegetables or scrambled eggs
  • Dinner : Local chicken, rice and dhal (lentil soup)
  • Drinks : Sweet or white tea, coffee and milk

If you want to watch the sunset while appreciating a cold drink you can visit the local mini bar, located in the home of one of the villagers and choose between a glass of the millet-made village wine, beer, whiskey or soft drinks. Some of the families also sell sweets and snacks. If you need to purchase something urgently there are several shops in Lumre, an approx. 40 min walk from Ghalel.

Wait, there’s more…

There’s something for everyone in Ghalel! Adrenaline junkies and nature lovers should take a look at our What To Do… section but those of you who want to experience village life can take part in the following

  • Learn how to cook Nepali style
  • Dress up in Gurung costumes and learn about Buddhism and Gurung traditions
  • Learn how to farm
  • Visit the mill
  • Volunteer at the school