People & Culture

Ghalel Gau (gau meaning village) has an intriguing and complex history. Two hundred years ago, before the unification of Nepal and the ousting of the monarchy, the village was ruled by King Palten Ghale, the local language was Gurung and no Nepali was spoken. The King was later murdered and some villagers chased away. In memory of the brutal assassination and in honor of its former king, the village was renamed Ghalel.

To this day the current residents of Ghalel are still mainly from the sub caste of Gurung but Nepali is now the main language spoken. Ruins of forts and palaces can still be found deep in the nearby jungle and are well-worth exploring.

The main leader of the Ghalel village today is called Chiba and manages the village administration and oversees the festivals and celebrations. The people of Ghalel are known for their peaceful nature and ability to work together. An important part of the social system in the village is the Rodhighar, a community house where recreational activities such as singing and dancing take place.