About Us


Canyoning is a must try adrenaline sport that involves descending down a series of waterfalls through a canyon rappelling, jumping, sliding and boulder scrambling. The best thing about canyoning is discovering while following a water trail. In many countries it is popular sport, which is equally challenging both physically and mentally and yet refreshing and unforgettable experience that any thrill seekers should not be missing.

Come experience the thrill with us, for the first time in tourist paradise, Pokhara. Only an hour ride from the main city, up the rugged trails of Lwang Ghalel Village, VDC Ward No. 5/6, Pokhara Canyoning has been giving the adventure enthusiasts a taste of extreme sport, that one will never forget. Rising 1350 meters up from the sea level, we have designed variety of packages you can pick from, to have guests more intimate and thrilling experience.

Challenge yourself in ways you’d never dreamed of in our cave canyoning or plunge down the 45 meters and 75 meters raw adrenaline pumping waterfalls and into the crystal clear pools.

Our well trained professional guides focus on your safety so you can focus on the fun and thrills. Canyoning is not just our job it is our passion. Escape everyday life with quest for genuine adventure